Hamlet – Trailer

Emily Carding played Hamlet in 2018, Directed by Patrick Kealey.

Cautionary Tales Installation

An installation piece made with Jo Redpath as part of the ‘Cautionary Tales’ exhibition at Hastings Observer Building in 2016.
The music that helped me edit is place on this film but was not projected with it at the time is ‘Forgive’ by Burial.


The film Gifts, originated from eight objects that were traditionally given in England, to welcome a new child into the world: Egg, Coal, Evergreen, Salt, Candle, Bread, Coin and Silver.

Each symbolic gift has been the theme of a public event, created by Artist Clare Whistler, in collaboration with leading artists, musicians, poets and documented from 2005-2015 by established filmmakers. Gifts is an interpretation of the eight events, directed by Nichola Bruce.The film brings together English traditions of ritual and landscape. Financed by Gift Economy movement and Arts Council England.

Editor, Co-Camera.

MANJUSAKA, The Equinox Flower

A Promo for Yumino Seki.

Currently finishing a longer documentary piece on her art form.



Steve Pyke’s on portraits he took that stick in the mind.

Beautiful music by Marcus Cummings.

Camera, Sound, Edit.


A Portrait of my son and my mum.

Filmed for the Coastal Currents Festival in Hastings on one roll of Super8 film.


Documentary / Fiction





Sam Sharples started directing his own work in 2005, The short films  Passenger  and  Night Train, were followed by  Nan and John, which was shown at Imax, New York and the National Portrait Gallery, London. He has since gone on to continue his personal work, and also to collaborate with artists and film-makers as both editor, cinematographer and director. He has worked with the director Nichola Bruce since 2009 on films and installations including feature documentaries Moonbug & Axis of Light and Opera Alcina – Pale Shadows. Amongst commercial work, he has recently finish a WW1 documentary Echoes From the Kent Coast and is currently making a portrait on the artist Liz Finch.


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